MeSo, you are probably wondering what this site is about. It has an odd name. What the hell is a “Penguin Pub” anyway? Initially, it was my dream to own a combination brewery and pizza joint. Sounds awesome, right? Well, that dream lives for another day, and I hang on to this domain. For now however, this becomes my place to chronicle my life as a geek who is trying to be more fit.

Let’s face it, software engineers like myself usually don’t follow the most healthy of lifestyles. We sit all day, we eat like crap, and generally, we’d rather be coding than doing anything else. With all the reports of how sitting is killing us in the workplace, I decided it was time for a change. So we come to the point where I’ve changed the way I work. I use a treadmill desk. I wear a Fitbit One. I try to count calories. I’ve planted a garden for fresh foods.

This is the story of code, my office and the way I work, the products I like, and the food I’ve grown.

I’m M. Adam Kendall and I approve this message.

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